Why MD Ally?

MD Ally takes the time to get to know your practice and its own unique workflow.

Our solution allows the practice to maximize their care, while simultaneously empowering patients to take a more active role in their health.

We combine technology, services, and our unique personal touch to deliver a customized scalable plan to benefit both the practice and patient.

Our CCM turn-key solution seamlessly transitions your patients’ office care to their home.

Chronic Care Management

In January, 2015, Medicare began reimbursing cpt 99490 for providing Chronic Care Management services. In 2017 Medicare expanded the program to include a host of other reimbursable codes designed to promote improved patient outreach and engagement, and ultimately reduce costly ER visits and hospitalizations.

However, to properly make use of these new revenue opportunities, a practice would need to implement complex software and oversee a call center, among other difficult to implement requirements that often make the effort unrealistic and unprofitable.


Our Solution

With no upfront costs, and no need to make changes to your existing workflow, MD Ally makes it completely painless to start providing additional care to your chronically ill patients.

  • Identifying eligible patients based on qualifying conditions and insurance plans.

  • Patient enrollment assistance


  • Patient monitoring while satisfying all Medicare requirements.

  • Each patient has a designated rep so they can build a personal relationship, which encourages continued participation in the program.

  • Daily, or customized communication with your practice.

  • Our services include regular CCM, Complex CCM, Behavioral CCM, AWV's and more.

  • No setup or implimentation fee. You are only charged for serviced patients that are billable guaranteeing a profit.


  • Quick and easy signup process.


  • Net revenue per patient of about $20 per month. On 1000 enrolled patients that is $20,000 a month with minimal extra work to your on site team

  • We act as an extension of your practice. We do not diagnose or treat. We follow the pregenerated care plan. In case of any concern, we immediately schedule the patient to come in for an appointment. In addition, the patient will never know the name of our company. We introduce ourselves as calling from your office. Our caller ID also enables us to answer incoming calls as members of your staff

  • MD Ally is HIPAA compliant.


MD Ally's mission

MD Ally was established with the goal of complimenting your current patient care by engaging patients in between office visits. Studies have repeatedly shown that when monitored, patients eat better, exercise more, stick to their medications and overall lead healthier lives. However, with the current healthcare climate, it is virtually impossible for a practice to staff the necessary personnel to adequately engage their patients away from the office.

MD Ally will not replace your role as the provider, rather we augment your care and extend your reach and act to close the inevitable gaps in communication between patient visits. We do not diagnose or treat. We simply act as an extension of your practice by engaging your patients remotely so we can detect potential problems before they occur.

MD Ally offers a full service CCM turn-key solution, that meets and exceeds CMS requirements while delivering care with a personal touch. We take the time to get to know each patient to build a relationship from the ground up. Our personalized approach maximizes enrollment, and encourages continued patient participation, ensuring maximum revenues for the practice.


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